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The Beginning


The Beginning



The story starts in Chicago in 2001, where Ehab Sweis launched multiple stores fueled by only a 50% stake in one location. In 2003 longtime friend George Tadros joined him, and they set out on a journey to discover opportunities in the wireless business as owner-operators of multi-carrier retail locations. During first four years, partnering with a local industry giant, Ehab and George opened a combined 24 wireless stores throughout metropolitan Chicago.

More than anything what the two entrepreneurs got from this experience was a strong understanding of real estate, retail and business in general. As a result of that knowledge the 24 stores derived 80% of the core business. It was quite a feat when considering that this large multi-carrier had more than 100 locations spread across Chicago. This outcome was just the first stage of growth and success achieved by the two.



Things were going well for Ehab and George. And their hard work gained tremendous momentum when they opened 74 wireless stores over the next nine years in four different markets. The expansion proved to be a resounding success.

During that period of growth the two entrepreneurs forged great relationships with numerous T-Mobile employees and partners, as well as with various wireless experts. They acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, working almost solely with T-Mobile. The wireless industry, however, was changing.


In early 2005 T-Mobile realized that wireless customers were becoming savvier. They were demanding a more professional retail experience. To meet consumer expectations, T-Mobile knew it had to focus support on its best operators. The carrier approached several wholesale distributors to open exclusive T-Mobile retail locations. This endeavor became known as the Exclusive Retail Program. It was designed to deliver the same T-Mobile retail experience customers had grown to expect from the corporate stores — the same fixtures, products, services and atmosphere.





An Exclusive Relationship With T-Mobile.

The program marked the beginning of Ehab and George’s exclusive relationship with T-Mobile. It also provided an opportunity for the two entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

This operation got off the ground with T-Mobile offering the distributors three market areas. Ehab and George were the distributors’ obvious choice to launch the new T-Mobile program. For they had become respected leaders in third-party distribution for the ever-changing, demanding wireless telecommunications industry. With extensive knowledge of real estate and a base of stores in Chicago, Ehab stayed in the Windy City. George moved to Detroit. Each had signed a Market Developer Agreement to become a part owner in his respective market.

By the end of 2005 they had opened four exclusive T-Mobile locations in both Chicago and Detroit. At the same time they kicked off two locations in Cincinnati as a corporate-owned operation. By the end of October 2006, Ehab and George owned more than 33% of their respective markets.

Over the next three years the Market Developers collectively had rights to a part of 65 of their parent companies’ 110 locations. Also, they helped to launch another program, T-Mobile Premium Retail Partner, to manage the corporate retail markets. Under their leadership, the previously corporate retail owned locations doubled their sales in the first month while increasing customer satisfaction!



Ehab & George were a success by any measure, enjoying stellar reputations in the wireless industry. They were applauded for their real estate acquisition and performance achievements. But they also earned the esteem of one another and shared a vision to create a brand new wireless company that would offer customers the very best possible retail experience.

In July 2009 the two Market Developers sold their interests in the markets and separated from their parent companies amicably. This transition marked a bold, ambitious beginning.






With 25 years of combined experience in the wireless industry, Ehab & George brought together as partners considerable expertise to launch America Telecom (Amtel, LLC), operating T-Mobile Premium Retail Locations. They joined forces to provide consistent, high-quality solutions and service for every customer.

During the first several months of their new venture, the two partners toured several different markets with T-Mobile to determine which regions best fit their objectives for expansion. They sought a market where they could make the biggest impact for Amtel and T-Mobile. Dallas-Fort Worth — with its growing population, central location and lack of T-Mobile distribution — became the region of choice.

Headquartered in DFW, Amtel quickly exploded on the scene opening a total of 30 locations in DFW organically!


T-Mobile saw Amtel as a leader amongst national TPR partners and was eager to give Amtel the opportunity to continue its growth. In 2012 the company expanded its footprint into the Cincinnati, Kentucky, and San Francisco areas.

In 2014 T-Mobile gave Amtel the opportunity to expand its real estate portfolio once again and expand into south Texas through the acquisition of PanAm wireless, another T-Mobile Premium retailer. This acquisition added 16 more locations and gave Amtel a presence in key T-Mobile markets, Houston & San Antonio.

T-Mobile, The Uncarrier, catches fire as being the hottest brand in wireless. In 2017, T-Mobile set forth an initiative to expand the company's retail distribution nationwide, to serve customers in areas that they were unable to serve before. With an aggressive plan to build out 1,500 retail locations, T-Mobile leaned on Amtel to be a part of the company's most aggressive distribution.

Today, Amtel is one of T-Mobile's largest TPR partners and operates in over 152 locations nationwide. Partners, Ehab Sweis & George Tadros, have a strategic plan to continue Amtel's growth in the coming years.